Postpartum & Breastfeeding Care Gift Basket Hamper

From $120.91 to $450+

Select items which are helpful to soothe during those postpartum or breastfeeding days in a handy re-usable rope basket or nappy caddy. Perfect practical gift for a mum-to-be.
(Please note: You may be able to add other items to this gift hamper dependant on their size. Get in touch to discuss additional options.)
We are transitioning our cotton rope hamper style to our new nappy caddy style, so hamper will be deeper than pictured if nappy caddy is selected.

Pricing will adjust depending on the items you select for this hamper.

To order this pack, You must select a minimum of 7 products (otherwise, products can be purchased separately). Should you want more of the same item in this pack, please get in touch so we can organise a custom pack. Items will come packed inside cotton rope hamper or nappy caddy with cellophane and twine to keep it together. items may shift in transit.

To view product descriptions or varieties, click the icon to the right of the selected product

(If you would like this option without a hamper basket, find it here)

Cellophane Wrapping

In stock

Select ribbon or bow colour/style
Please Select basket/nappy caddy colour
(Please note, cotton rope baskets differ slightly in size to nappy caddies)
Would you like to include a card?
Would you like any eye pillow?
(wheat filled pillow to use warm, cool or room temperature resting on your eye lids)
Would you like any sleep mask?
Sleep Style Mask to keep out some light while resting or sleeping
Would you like any warm & cool breast pack?
Please note, BodyICE Maternity Care Pack includes breastpacks and perineum pack
Would you like any perineum warm & cool pack? Please note, BodyICE Maternity Care Pack includes breastpacks and perineum pack
Peri Bottle
Partum Panties: Disposable Underwear
(please note, only one pack will fit in this hamper)
Ninja Mama disposable/washable mesh maternity & postpartum undies (no pad included)
Would you like any collection shells for breast milk or colostrum collection?
Would you like a Silicone Breast Pump/Milk Saver?
Would you like an antenatal colostrum expressing kit (syringes and tops for colostrum expressing)
Would you like any Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs? (1 box, 12 discs in pack)
Would you like a belly mask?
Like a facial for your belly! Use during pregnancy or postpartum (Available in single mask or trio pack)