Breastfeeding Days Product Pack

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Some colours and products have changed since this photo was taken.
Are you after the basics for making those first days or months of breastfeeding a little easier?

These are the top products that we love here at Bubsessed (and have used them in our journey breastfeeding three little ones) with choices between some brands and styles to make the pack you need.

(Products in first image are Mumasil product range and Aden and Anais muslin)

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Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs
Milk Saver
Milk Collection Shells (non-suction)
Warm & Cool Breast Pack
Would you like to add the BodyIce, Ninja Mama or Mumasil Perineum Strip?
Please note, if you have selected the BodyICE Woman Maternity Care Pack, this item includes the BodyICE Woman Perineum Strip along with the Warm & Cool Breast Packs
Would you like an additional muslin/jersey wrap?
Would you like to add a card with a gift message?
Would you like any additional expressing or lactation items?
Nipple Cream/Balm
Breast Pads
Silver Nursing Cups


The most helpful things we found as a mums for breastfeeding and those early days! Get everything all in one box- so simple!

This isn’t a fancy gift box, but just the good stuff inside should make you smile.

Want to add on more goodies? Feel free to put in some extras, or send us an email to organise this all in a lovely hamper!

How are all of these things inside useful? Let us tell you the ways!!

*The muslin swaddle wrap or jersey swaddle can be used as a swaddle, light blanket, pram cover (used with supervision and not in hot weather, though!), feeding cover, and so much more!
Snuggle Hunny Kids Jersey Wrap: dimensions 100cm x 100cm appx, 100% cotton knit jersey wrap
Snuggle Hunny Kids: 120cm x 120cm, organic cotton muslin
*The Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs can be used for sore and cracked nipples in those early days (or later teething days, ouch!) Put them in the fridge for more relief, too.
*The Breastie Milksaver can be used as a manual pump, or to catch letdown while you feed or pump off the other breast. Our favourite use has to be when you have a clogged duct while using it in conjunction with a warm shower and massage to help get the clog out (and not lose any milk in the process)!
*The Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells/Avent Breast Shells can be used for sore and cracked nipples to let them breathe a bit, or to collect let down or extra milk while you walk around the house, feed or pump on the other side.
*The Mumasil Warm & Cool Packs/BodyIce Woman Breast Pack can be used on their own or in conjunction with the breast milk saver. Warm it up to encourage milk flow (and help to resolve clogged ducts), or cool it down for breast soreness. (Mumasil warm and cool packs come with covers, too)
(Optional Extra)
*Disposable Breast Pads can be used for preventing milk leaks while you go about your day.
*The BodyICE/Ninja Mama Perineum Pack (optional) can be used both hot and cold in a few different ways to soothe Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), soothe haemorrhoids, soothe the perineum after a vaginal birth, soothe during birth, reduce the occurrence of perineal trauma using during the second stage of labour
BODYICE brand: 1 x perineum strip (25cm long x 6cm wide) with 5 x perineum sleeves
NINJA MAMA brand: 2 x perineum strips (30cm long) with 4 x washable covers
*Made to Milk Antenatal expressing kit (optional) include various syringes and other items to help if you plan to express colostrum.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Swaddle/Blanket Style

Blue, Pink 1 (Deco), Pink 2 (Stripes), Pink 3 (Birds), Pink 4 (Bird and plant), Orange ZigZag, Foxes, Pink Hue, Dreamcatcher, Bunting, Fleur Jersey Swaddle Wrap & Topknot Headband by Snuggle Hunny Kids, Vintage Blossom Jersey Swaddle Wrap & Topknot Headband by Snuggle Hunny Kids, Quill Jersey Swaddle Wrap & Beanie by Snuggle Hunny Kids, Twinkle Rugs Blanket- PINK, Twinkle Rugs Blanket-BLUE, Twinkle Rugs Blanket- WHITE

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