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Please note, not all hamper styles are suited to all products. In order to ensure your items will fit together, feel free to send us a quick message so we can check before you order. See below for sizes of hamper styles.

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Items for Breastfeeding Mums & Postpartum Care
Warm & Cool Packs
Warm & Cool Perineum Strip (please note, the BodyICE Maternity Care pack includes one of these)
Silicone Breast Milk Saver
Breast Milk Collection Shells
Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs
Antenatal Expressing Kit
Nipple Balm
Postpartum Care Products
Disposable Pregnancy/Postpartum Underwear (Please note, this item will not fit in all hamper styles)
Ninja Mama Mesh Postnatal Underwear (for use with your own maternity pads)
Peri Bottle
Belly Mask Treatment
Swaddles and more
Snuggle Hunny Kids Jersey Wrap
Snuggle Hunny Kids Organic Muslin Wrap
Bath Time Items
Hooded Towel
Bath Toys/Teething Toys
Baby Accessories
Beanies, Headbands, etc
Milestone Card Set
Baby Clothing
Clothing Sets
sherpa beanies
Baby Bib