Should I Create a Baby Registry?

Should I Create a Baby Registry Australia

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As a mum-to-be I’m sure you have a list of the things you would absolutely love and some things you would rather not purchase. Often times, mums have baby showers, gender reveals or just a little party to celebrate the a new mum or baby. Your friends and family love to join in, often purchasing myriads of blankets, bibs and other useful things. But you often wind up with a million of one thing and possibly not enough of another.

You could also have friends and family living overseas who want to send something, but the cost of postage or delays in shipping parcels is a huge inconvenience. (Do note, however that not all websites allow people from overseas to make purchases to send as gifts.)

Enter baby registries.

There are many websites which allow you to keep track of the things that you would like to purchase, or give ideas for those wondering about your tastes, themes or favourite colours. They can be useful in multiple ways, depending on your preferences.
1. To keep track of how many items are purchased – for you personally (whether you share it is up to you)
2. To use them merely as a guide to give your friends/family to get some ideas on what to purchase (for your preferred styles, colours, themes, etc)
3. For overseas friends and family to have a way to find items you love to celebrate you and baby without emptying their wallet on overseas shipping costs or stressing over customs forms and parcel delivery times
4. To ask people to use the registry for purchasing

I set up a registry merely as a place for anyone who wished to purchase anything a little guide on some items we would find helpful and the styles we liked, but advised everyone that it was there just to give suggestions, as some people had asked for ideas. I set it up more for myself to have an idea of what we would need to purchase for baby.

Should you choose to set up a registry, I suggest adding items of varying price points, to give big or small ideas for those looking to celebrate you or baby with gifts.

Baby registries are free to set up, so why not? These are three of our favourite options!

Amazon Baby Wishlist
The Amazon Baby Wishlist is a nice, straightforward one, where it is simple to add items from Amazon Australia, or even add items from other places (just not with the pretty pictures). People can record if they have purchased something, and even send items directly to the recipient if desired.
A couple considerations if you use this registry is when adding items outside of Amazon, the pictures don’t show up alongside the gift idea, so it’s not as visual. And, Amazon includes items shipped from outside of Australia (which can mean shipping delays at times).
See Amazon Baby Wishlist

Baby List
Baby List is an online baby registry set up in the US, so the suggestions for items to add may not be relevant HOWEVER you can add items from ANY website to your registry and your friends and family can see all of these items easily in one spot.
Your registry is private unless you choose to share it, so you can just use it to tick off things you’ve purchased along the way.
You can add another person to your account who can also add items to the list if you would like.
An easy to install babylist button for desktop browser so you can add items easily from any website you visit (this is the way you add if you want to add items from Australian shops).
You can link other registries to this one so they are all in one spot.
There are suggestions of products (though usually from American shops) to use as a guide.
See Baby List Registry

Various Baby Shops Registries/Wishlists
These are good if you prefer not to be distracted by other items while you shop for baby or to keep everything in the one spot. This can sometimes mean limited selections of brands or potentially be limited to in store purchasing only it can make it hard for guests to purchase. Baby shops usually have a good guide of suggestions to purchase, though.
At Bubsessed, you can select the “add to wishlist” button with any product on our website and create your own wishlist to send to family and friends. (Do note, you may need to note the style/sizes of your selections as the wishlist feature may not save this for you.) We allow purchases from overseas, so you can have friends and family sending gifts from all over the world via our online shop.
See Your Wishlist at Bubsessed
Shop Mum & Baby Products at Bubsessed

Bubsessed also has some helpful lists and guides if you are after any suggestions to add to your registry or wishlist or don’t know quite where to begin.

See Bubsessed’s Helpful Downloads/Printables For Mums-To-Be – Just $1.99 with heaps of ideas to add to your list!

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