Postpartum Care Product or Gift Pack

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Select items which are helpful to soothe during those postpartum days with a hint of cellophane. Perfect practical gift for a mum-to-be or brand new mummy.

To order this pack, You must select a minimum of 2 products (otherwise, products can be purchased separately). Should you want more of the same item in this pack, please get in touch so we can organise a custom gift pack. If you do not select cellophane and twine, items will come packed in a plain shipping box with Packing filler (and your selected card if selected). items may shift in transit.

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Would you like any warm & cool breast pack? Please note, BodyICE Maternity Care Pack includes breastpacks and perineum pack
Would you like any perineum warm & cool pack? Please note, BodyICE Maternity Care Pack includes breastpacks and perineum pack
Ninja Mama Peri Bottle
Partum Panties: Disposable Underwear
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Would you like any collection shells for breast milk or colostrum collection?
Would you like a Silicone Breast Pump/Milk Saver?
Would you like any Rite Aid Hydorgel Breast Discs? (1 box, 12 discs in pack)
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Would you like to add a breastpad sampler pack?
The breastpad sampler pack includes pairs of various brands of disposable breastpads so you can try a range of brands.
Would you like to include any helpful downloads?
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*The Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs can be used for sore and cracked nipples in those early days (or later teething days, ouch!) Put them in the fridge for more relief, too.
*The Mumasil Milk Saver can be used as a manual pump, or to catch letdown while you feed or pump off the other breast. Our favourite use has to be when you have a clogged duct while using it in conjunction with a warm shower and massage to help get the clog out (and not lose any milk in the process)!
*The Mumasil Breast Milk Collection Shells/Avent Breast Shells can be used for sore and cracked nipples to let them breathe a bit, or to collect let down or extra milk while you walk around the house, feed or pump on the other side.
*The Mumasil Warm & Cool Packs/BodyIce Woman Breast Pack can be used on their own or in conjunction with the breast milk saver. Warm it up to encourage milk flow (and help to resolve clogged ducts), or cool it down for breast soreness.
*The BodyICE Perineum Pack/Ninja Mama Perineum Pack can be used both hot and cold in a few different ways to soothe Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), soothe haemorrhoids, soothe the perineum after a vaginal birth, soothe during birth, reduce the occurrence of perineal trauma using during the second stage of labour
1 x perineum strip (25cm long x 6cm wide)
5 x perineum sleeves
*The Partum Panties can be used during pregnancy for little leaks or post partum for those days after birth. Perfect for using in the place of maternity pads.
*The Ninja Mama Peri Bottle can be used after birth for a soothing rinse without having to bend in obscure angles. Extendable and angled nozzle makes it great for rinsing warm water on aching bits.