What Do You Really Need For a New Baby?

Time Saving Tips For Busy Parents

When looking at all the lists for a new baby, it seems like you need SO much for those little humans! Whether you are preparing for baby on a tighter budget, bub has decide to come early, you’re pressed for time for any reason or you would prefer to have a little less stress around preparing for a new baby, here are some suggestions to help you get sorted to find the most essential or important things to have ready for your little one’s arrival.
(Some of these may even be budget friendly options if needed)

  1. Only get the absolute essentials
    I know. I love getting every single thing I would want or need for my little one, but sometimes money may be tight, or you need to make a purchase before you expected. Newborns usually don’t need too much! So long as you have a safe sleeping space (along with any linens needed for this space), some clothing, nappies, wipes and a carseat to bring bub home- you’re nearly set.
    If you plan to formula feed, you would also need some bottles and your preferred formula. Everything else can wait until later (or get sorted while you deliver and care for your baby in hospital).
  2. Purchase pre-loved or gently used items
    Facebook Marketplace is usually overflowing with clothing and baby items which are only used for a few months at a time. If you’re in a pinch, you can even put a call out to your friends to pick it up for you, or to ask for some hand-me-downs from those you know.
    Newly discovered, there are even some pre-loved stalls available at various locations where you can buy or sell baby and children’s items to save money and recoup a little of the cost spent on bub.
    Read about some pre-loved expos around Australia here.
    (The only things I would recommend not purchasing used- at least from a stranger- would be carseats and mattresses, as you generally don’t know their history)
  3. Use alternative items until you can get a hold of the things you need
    So many products can be used in the place of “baby” specific items, keeping in mind they are used properly and safely according to their instructions. Whether you are short on funds at the moment, or just don’t have the time to run out and grab all the things, here are some suggestions as an example.
  4. Hire items until you can purchase/in the place of purchasing
    There are online and local shops which likely hire out some baby items, such as breast pumps, bassinets and other items. Some platforms, such as Tree Hut Village or Kindershare allow parents to hire out products for babies to other parents, so you can find someone locally and organise a drop off or pick up.
    Places to look for hiring baby equipment/products:
    Hire For Baby
    Rock-a-Bye Baby
    Your local community noticeboard on Facebook
    Your local pharmacy/chemist/hospital
  5. Use buy now-pay later options if needed
    If it’s a matter of funds being spent all at once, or the fact that you don’t have the funds right in the moment you need to purchase several or more expensive items, there are so many great options out there. From the simple credit card to buy now, pay later systems in place (like Afterpay) to help make purchases a bit easier on the wallet, or a little more planned out. Just be sure you’ll have the money for the payments when the time comes. 
  6. Find a personal shopper or put the job on Airtasker 
    If you can’t go shopping for whatever reason, there are businesses that can go out and sort it for you. The option of using Airtasker to ask someone to go and do your shopping, get your groceries or even lend a hand in setting up furniture can also come in handy!
  7. Have someone fit the carseat for you
    Did you know that you can find car seat installers? Don’t worry too much about installing the car seat if you haven’t gotten it set. There are people who can do that for you, too! Be sure they are certified to do so and relax a little!
  8. Pre-Packed Hospital Bags are a thing
    Yes they are! Various companies offer already packed maternity and hospital bags for you, baby and your support person. Generally, you will need to pack your clothing, but they can usually sort out all of the other things for you! 
    A few brands which offer Pre-Packed Hospital Bags are:
    Bundle- https://bundlebags.com.au/
    MaternityBag- https://www.maternitybag.com.au/

If you’re just after a few things for pregnancy and postpartum, we can also help here at Bubsessed 🙂 
We offer a range of packs for pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding in addition to hospital bag checklists and other helpful things for mums-to-be and their little ones.
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