Frequently Asked Questions


Below you can find some of the common questions and answers. Feel free to email if you have any further inquiries.

Has Covid-19 had any effect on the ability to purchase from Bubsessed? As Bubsessed is still permitted to operate and AusPost is still delivering parcels, we continue to post items as usual. Australia Post has noted that delivery times may take longer, so express post may not get your item to you quicker, either. Should this change, we will notify any customers with orders.
Some items which we import from New Zealand may not be available at this time, but can be preordered with an estimated delivery date after May 2020. The items to which this applies are currently just the Lulujo products which are on preorder. This does not apply to in stock items.

My coupon code isn’t working! If you have a valid coupon code, you may need to enter billing and/or shipping details for the code to register. Some codes may have terms and conditions to use (ie. downloads code can only be used when downloadable products are in the cart, not other products) such as expiry dates, minimum purchases, not valid to use with certain items or other parameters. Belly Bunker products are excluded from any promotional discount for the time being.

Do you post items outside of Australia? At this time, only downloadable products are available outside of Australia (as they do not need to be physically posted). Any other items are unfortunately not able to be posted outside of Australia. We will update this if it changes.

How long will it be until I receive my order?  Unless a product is indicated as a PREORDER or posting from elsewhere, in stock products have around a 2-5 day processing time before they are shipped, and shipping times can vary depending on your location and selected shipping method. Please also keep in mind, items ordered after 12pm Friday may need to be posted the next business day once the post office is open (so, likely Monday if it is not a public holiday). We try to ensure our products are shipped out in a timely fashion, but they are subject to third party shipping, which may vary in delivery times. For third party shipping information, please check out Australia Post’s website.

Where is my order being posted from? Unless otherwise indicated, orders are posted from metro Sydney. There are some items (such as the Belly Bunker and MYLE nappy caddy which are posted directly from the warehouse within Australia. The locations from where these are being posted are indicated on the product pages).

I want my order quicker (I want to rush my order), how can I make sure it gets here sooner? Please contact or our Facebook Page and wait for a response BEFORE you place your order to discuss whether it is possible to express post or rush ship your item. This will come at an additional cost and may not be available  for every product (especially preorder products).

I have an issue I need to discuss about my order? Should you need to contact us, please email for enquiries and we will answer you as soon as we can. If you cannot get through there, feel free to contact us through messaging our Facebook Page.

I want to see other products available on Bubsessed! Please let us know what you would love to see here, and we will try to see if we can make it possible! We love great products, and spreading the word about new things, too!

Where can I find discounts for my order? 
Bubsessed doesn’t often have discounts and sales on, so it is best to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, or otherwise to see if there are any great deals!

All the hampers and boxes are so expensive! Why do they cost so much? As several of these hampers and boxes include a range of brands, the cost to source from several places does mean expense is raised. We only source products that we love, and ensure they are produced by quality brands. We also provide the convenience of delivering all of these products in one box or hamper to your door. This saves saves you some precious hours searching the internet. We truly enjoy putting these together to help others, but it does take our time and other resources to do so.

I don’t like any of the hampers or gift boxes on offer! Can you make something different?  We would love to create a custom hamper or gift box just for you! Are you planning to announce with a gift box? We can arrange a decal that says “to the grandparents”. Do you want a gender reveal box? We can organise something for that as well! Your ideas are the only limit! Feel free to send us a message on our Facebook Page, or email to discuss your ideas and bring them to life!

Do you do nappy cakes? We have now listed a nappy cake style on our website. We can create other styles or designs if requested, too!

What are the different box selections for a hamper or gift box?  We have  different selections typically for the hampers and gift boxes. 

The no frills or diecut/regular box is simply a box with some packing for lessening movement during the shipping process. This isn’t packaged pretty and is posted in the same box the products are inside. This isn’t ideal for gifting straight away, but it’s a great way to get more items you love together in the same box.
The magnetic rigid hamper box is a harder cardboard style hamper with a magnetic close lid (typical of food hampers and fancy gift box options you see other place). We generally put shredded paper inside this to make it look more presentable, along with tissue paper.
The wooden hamper box come in a wooden box with or without a slide lid with wood wool inside. We typically put tissue paper inside, underneath the wood wool.
Other hamper options may be available from time to time, and we are happy to try to search to find something else that would be best suited to your hamper if needed.

What range of hampers do you offer ready-made?

Hampers for Mum:
This range includes products perfect for new mums (and maybe a thing or two for bub), and is focused on making those first moments a bit easier on mum. Often times, mum is so involved with adjusting and caring for her new baby that she may forget about herself. These things are perfect to help out in that instance!

The products which can be included are products such as hydrogel breast discs, heating/cooling packs, breast shells, muslin wraps, flannelettes/cloth nappies for burp cloths, a silicone breast pump, a water bottle,  and milestone blankets, in addition to some other creative touches depending on the box choice. These boxes will come conveniently to gift to yourself or someone else and get all of the great products in one spot! Everything included is listed on the product page itself. Each box will vary with its contents, which are listed on the product page.

I’ve included these, as they have been my personal favourites for breastfeeding and pumping.

Is There a Hamper more suited to mums who don’t pump or breastfeed?
For now, we have the Mum Care & Milestones Hamper which meets this criteria. It still includes some things for breast care, as we know mums feeding any way still need a little soothing there sometimes. We also have the build-your-own box option or a few gift packs which would be suited to mum or baby. There is also the option to send us a message for a custom box, which can be arranged for you.

Why aren’t reusable breast pads included in the Ultimate Hamper Box?
We’ve opted for the trying a range of brands for this box for this time around as we know new mums often like to see what they like before investing in a whole box. If you should like reusable breast pads in your box, please let me know so I can try to accommodate for future purchases. We are currently working on a stockist for reusable breast pads.

How should I use the products included in either the hampers or by themselves?
Please use the products as directed on their packaging and contact the brand with any questions on how to specifically use them if there are any further queries. Using the products contrary or against their recommended use may void any warranties and can possibly result in damage to the product or to yourself or your child. Please keep any products not intended for babies and children out of the reach of babies and children. Any products intended for use by or with babies and children should still be used with supervision.

Will you be adding options for purchasing extras in the future?
As we get in contact with different brands, there is a possibility to add more extras. Please let us know what you like, and what you would like to see to help us figure out which options to provide?