What Do I Really Need To Pack In My Hospital Bag?

hospital bag checklist

There are SO many lists and guides for packing your maternity or hospital bag- it can be a bit overwhelming! The basic gist to any of these lists is to include things you would typically pack for a night or two away from home, add in a few things for postpartum recovery and include a few things for your support person as well as baby.

hospital bag checklist
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When creating your list, be sure you’ve added items for hygiene and personal care (toothbrush, toothpaste as well as pads for postpartum) and clothing for your stay and maybe a spare (clothing) for your support person. Baby doesn’t need much, and your hospital may provide some essential items. Contact your hospital to get an idea of if you need to bring nappies, wipes and other products for bub. Often, bringing in a few pre-washed outfits in various sizes for baby (just in case they’re a little big or a little small!), a “going home” or announcement outfit or swaddle along with nappies and wipes is enough to pack for your stay. If you plan to formula feed, it would be recommended to take some bottles and formula as well. The car seat is essential for your trip home, too.

Of course, there are items mums love to have on hand that are really helpful for baby or for their stay, but those ideas will vary from mum to mum. Ask in any “mum group” on Facebook for suggestions and you will get heaps!

I often used the hospitals little baby gown for the duration of our stay to prevent all the extra washing when I went home. They also provided blankets and items for the little bassinet where bub slept and towels for bath time. (Again, check with your hospital or care person to see what is provided.) I personally found it handy to have several items for breastfeeding bub during those first weeks and months, especially the rite aid hydrogel discs from day one.

If you’re after some free lists to work off of, there are plenty of places to find them! See below for some free resources to get you started.
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