What Gift Suggestions Do I Give As a New Mum?

Starting out into the new adventure that is life with a baby and everything can be SO overwhelming! There is an endless supply of suggestions out there for new mums to purchase for their baby- and nearly all seem to claim themselves as “must have”s.

Where do you even start with what you really need for baby, much less what to tell people when they ask what you want as a gift for your new bundle of joy?

Suggest items which are a variety of price points
Not everyone may have the budget to spend everything in their wallet for a big, fancy gift. Making some suggestions for a range of price points can be very helpful and give your friends and family an idea of what you’re after all around for baby. You may have someone who wants to go all out and get something more expensive for you or bub, so why not let them spoil you?

Suggest basics, which are pretty much always needed
Nappies, wipes, baby washes and clothing are among some of the most used items when it comes to new babies.
Suggesting larger sizes is always a great idea since babies never seem to stop having random growth spurts where they’ll fit something one day and the next you find yourself shopping for a new wardrobe! We suggest asking for items size 00 (3-6 Months) and a little bigger along with the cutest ever teeny-tiny clothing. Larger sizes goes for nappies as well, since babies also outgrow those at the most inconvenient moments. Most babies do fit newborn nappies for a while, but it never hurts to ask for the little bit bigger ones, too!
Babies go through a LOT of nappies and wipes. (Whether you’re a cloth mumma or using disposable nappies, it doesn’t change the fact that babies tend to use nappies for around 2 years or more.)
Tip: If you leave the packs closed, you might be able to exchange sizes if needed, depending on store policies.

Suggest some personalised or keepsake items
Some people may wish to purchase you more memorable items for you to keep for years to come, or to put aside into a baby book or box to look back on. Some great ideas for this include items to preserve baby’s footprint or hand/feet castings, memorable items with their birth details and personalised items with baby’s name or other birth details.

Suggest some things for YOU, mum!
It seems everyone is keen to spoil baby, and I don’t blame anyone for that- baby products are CUTE, but make sure that you are taken care of as well! Those postpartum and new baby days can feel a bit rough. Having some items for post natal care for mum can help take a little of the edge off of the sleepless nights.

Suggest things which aren’t necessarily products, but vouchers or gift cards for takeaway food, house cleaning, massage and other helpful services or informational items for parents (CPR/First Aid training, anyone?).

When it comes down to it, you get to decide what you request if anyone asks you what you would like. So, let them spoil you silly with all of the things! And as always, Bubsessed is always open to suggest a number of gift packs or products for mum or baby.

If you’re after any lists or ideas on what to purchase for baby (which can make great things to suggest to others as gifts), we have a pack of various lists for baby, hospital bag and more for just $1.99

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