Partum Panties: Disposable Maternity & Postpartum Underwear


Disposable Maternity and Postpartum Underwear
(Sizes avaiable are M-L [M] and L-XL [L] )

(5 in each pack)
For those days leading up to and just after baby when you need a little more comfort and absorbency for post partum bleeding or urinary incontinence. See sizing and styles below.
Recommendation is 2 packs

Are you after other things for after baby care? Check out our range of helpful items for postpartum days here.


M-L (M) fits hips 75-110cm
L-XL (L) fits hips 100-140cm
Unfortunately Partum Panties no longer stocks the S-M size

For C-Section Mamas, it is best to get a little bigger if you are between sizes so they are not too tight.

Although it is advisable to use something to monitor blood loss in the days immediately following birth, If you are after a more reusable option, check out Modibodi underwear. These comes in a range of sizes, styles and absorbencies. They have recently released a “MAXI” absorption which would be a good start for postpartum.

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M-L fits hips 75-110cm, L-XL fits hips 100-140cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mikaela A.

Comfortable, breathable & zero leakage. Definitely would recommend these over pads. Great for the first couple of days especially when in hospital.

Wow they are amazing

I used them after I had my bub and I must say they are amazing so much easier and more comfortable then what you would think. I will be sure to use them next time. I will also be buying them for friends that are due to have their baby soon.

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