Printable Pregnancy Milestone Cards


Some milestone cards to take photos with during pregnancy. (We recommend using “The Baby Needs It” more than once ; ) )
There are 86 total cards (on 43 A4 sized documents)

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A great way of taking photos to remember your pregnancy! Not your everyday cards, we tried to throw a little humour in with the notable milestones during pregnancy.

These files are in a PDF format, be sure to size it to your page for best results.

There are 86 total cards (on 43 A4 sized documents). We advise that you print on card stock or take to your local print shop if you want a better quality card. Cut or fold paper in half to separate cards. You can choose to print them all, print them as you go, or print just the ones you need!

Milestone Cards Included
(Pregnancy Milestone Cards, 32 total cards on 18 A4 sized documents)
Guess What?
We’re Having a Baby!
Our Family is Growing!
I’m Having a Baby!
It’s Positive
Finally stopped puking!
Baby’s First Photo:  Hello Little One!
Glucose Test
First Antenatal Appointment
Is sleep still a thing?
Heartburn Ugh.
Baby Has a Name!
Heard Your Sweet Heartbeat!
Wearing Maternity Clothes!
I Felt Baby Kicks
It’s a Boy!
Halfway to Due Date
It’s a Girl!
The Baby Needs It.
More pillows= Better sleep
My toes have disappeared
If I drop it, it’s dead to me
First Baby Purchase!
Car seat installed
Ready For You, Baby!
(I Think) I’m in Labour! Stay tuned…
Nesting is Exhausting!
Hospital Bag Ready!
Going to Hospital!
It’s Baby Time!
Happy Birthday Little One!
Happy Birthday Little One (with space for name and birthdate & time)
Past my due date
Eviction notice issued

(Pregnancy Weeks & Months, 49 total cards on 24 A4 sized documents)
3 Weeks through 42 Weeks
1 Month through 9 Months
Over 9 Months

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