Ten Essentials For Baby’s First Winter in Australia

As the weather cools down in Australia, keeping your little one safe, warm, and happy is a priority. Here are some helpful things to have on hand as we prepare to brave the chilly season ahead.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the following contain affiliate links by which we earn a commission from qualifying purchases. With this in mind we only include items that we have found useful and helpful or seen recommended often by mums.

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  1. Layers of clothing – Having a few jackets, jumpers, hats and mittens on hand for outerwear as well as singlets and bodysuits for under clothing is ideal. Growsuits are also a popular staple year round for newborns, as they tend to need a little more coverage since they aren’t as able to regulate their own temperature as easy. Layering works well, so you can add or remove clothing as needed. Materials such as merino, cotton and bamboo are brilliant as they breathe a little easier. It’s generally recommended to dress babies one layer more than you would yourself, so good to keep in mind.
  2. Tog rated sleep sacks, swaddles and suits – As each brand of tog rated sleep wear tends to have a guide on how to layer according to the room temperature, they are a good way to help baby sleep during the winter months (and year round). This way, you can keep to the safe sleep guidelines which recommend not using loose blankets and other items in baby’s sleep space.
    Swaddles can be used from newborn days until bub starts to show signs of rolling. Sleep sacks are like a wearable blanket and Sleep suits are more like pyjama style.
    Some great brands for this: Living Textiles, Love to Dream and Ergopouch.
  3. Blankets – While it’s not recommended to have loose blankets for sleep time, they are handy to have around the house, car and pram to use when supervised. Use under bub to make tummy time a little cosier or tuck around when out in the pram to keep the chilly weather away.
    Some Good Brands: Living Textiles, Tula Baby and Bubba Blue (We stock a few from Living Textiles)
  4. Room Thermometer – There are many different room thermometers (even ones which double as a bath water thermometer or built-in thermometers in baby monitors). These can help you figure out what the room temperature is to use as a guide to dress baby for sleep, naps and the day.
    Some Great Room Thermometers: GroEgg (room thermometer) and Avent Bath & Room Thermometer
  5. Nasal Aspirator and Saline – To be prepared for snot and sniffly noses is a must, so you aren’t scrambling around last minute when bub comes down with their first cold. If you are in a pinch, you can usually find these at your local chemist, or Bubsessed offers express delivery on the Snotty Boss, which is the most highly recommended battery-powered aspirator I have come across. If you prefer other styles of aspirators, the Fess Little Noses Bulb Aspirator which can be found at nearly any chemist, the Haakaa Aspirator and the Nose Frida come recommended.
  6. Saline Spray or Drops – Use with or without an aspirator, saline can help to clear up little noses and sometimes makes bub sneeze to get rid of snot. This can be helpful for adults during cold season, too.
    Some Good Brands: Fess Little Noses Spray or Drops or Flo Baby Saline Spray or Drops which can be found at nearly any chemist, Big W or other shops.
  7. Regular Thermometer – Whether you prefer a digital underarm thermometer, ear thermometer or forehead style, having a thermometer on hand for baby’s temperature can come in handy. When baby comes down with something, it can give a peace of mind just to check on baby’s temperature.
    My Favourite Brand Thermometer: Braun (baby thermometers) and I’ve recently purchased this exact one as a replacement for our 10 year old one which finally gave up recently.
  8. Humidifiers or Vapourisers – While I’ve never used these with my babies, I know they can be helpful in winter when the weather is a bit more dry or during colds to help with better breathing. Always follow the recommended advice for using these and any added oils or products. Some additives are not recommended for babies and young children.
    Brands I’ve seen recommended: Eukybear Vapouriser, Aroma-Snooze and Glow Dreaming
  9. Baby Balm – I have found this helpful when babies and children are feeling a little congested, even using a little on the bottoms of the feet with socks over top. Use as recommended, as some balms are not to be used with babies.
  10. Lots of Cuddles – An absolute essential for winter time and any time with baby is all the extra cuddles! Especially when baby is sick and tends to be a little more “clingy”, cuddles can help everyone make it through the winter a little happier.

At Bubsessed, we stock a range of things for babies, including long sleeved clothing for winter, the Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator and other postpartum and new baby products.

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