Simple Celebrations Window Hamper Baby Gift Pack

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Celebrate simply with this window hamper. Select two or more items and send this on its way to celebrate special moments with the littlest loves in your life.

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Want something different, or more items? Check out the Build Your Own Hamper option here. Something smaller? See our mini baby hamper.

Hampers - White Window Hamper Box

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Select Twine or Ribbon for outside of hamper
Include a card with a message?
Add Plaque?
Add Ornament?
Select Baby Gift Item
Gift Wrap Included Baby Item?
Select wrapping if you would like the item wrapped inside which is placed next to the item/s of clothing. Optional ribbon.
Would you like a ribbon around the wrapped item?
(if wrapping is selected, please select ribbon/twine colour)
Select Clothing Item/s - Please select up to two
Clothing Set (Please note "Precious April" sets are 6-12m size only.
Christmas Clothing
Christmas Clothing
Additional Headband/s, Bow/s, Beanie/s or Accessories?
(you can add up to two options)


Medium Window Style Hamper (33cmx23cmx9cmH) with white or brown shredded paper filling containing items for baby.
Items may shift in transit.

A simple little window hamper with a gift and an item of clothing (and additional items) is perfect to celebrate a little one’s first Christmas or welcome them to this big, wide world!

Include any of the following (please note, you must select an option for the two main items) for your hamper. Should you wish to have less, use the Build your own hamper option here.

-Card with your personal message (optional)
-Plaque or card (optional)
-Clothing Selection
-Gift Selection, wrapped or unwrapped
-Extra smaller items

Add optional smaller items:
Up to two beanies, booties, headbands and/or another clothing article

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