Printable Baby Milestone Cards


Some milestone cards to take photos with during the first year with baby. For use with mum as well as baby 😉
There are 82 total cards (on 41 A4 sized documents).

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A great way of taking photos to keep memories during those early baby days! Not your everyday cards, we tried to throw a little humour in with the notable milestones during motherhood and baby-hood.

These files are in a PDF format, be sure to size it to your page for best results.

There are 82 total cards (on 41 A4 sized documents). We advise that you print on card stock or take to your local print shop if you want a better quality card. Cut or fold paper in half to separate cards. You can choose to print them all, print them as you go, or print just the ones you need!

Milestone Cards Included
(Baby Milestone Cards, 50 total cards on 25 A4 sized documents)
Welcome to the world
Happy Birthday Little One!
Let the journey begin
Baby’s first outfit
I’m a new mum!
Baby’s first day
Going home today!
Baby’s First Feed
First Family Photo
Finally Had a Shower!
I Peed All By Myself!
Time Baby’s First Outing
First Date Night Post Baby
Finally ate a hot meal
I survived my first day alone with baby
Baby’s first checkup
Drank HOT Coffee
Is sleep still a thing?
Baby only woke up _ _ times last night
Baby’s first car ride
I rolled over!
Wearing normal clothes!
Baby’s First Bath
I found my hands
I found my feet
I smiled today
I only wore one outfit today
I’m growing (with place to write age, height and weight)
Baby’s first playdate
I let mummy sleep last night!
I like to SCREAM
I can WAVE
I can CLAP
I can sit up by myself
My favourite food is _ _ _ _ _
Teething: Where sleep goes to die
Everything goes in my mouth
I like throwing things
Baby’s first food
Baby’s first steps
I took my first steps today!
I can crawl
Cruising furniture is my new hobby
I can open doors
I just want mummy
I just want daddy
Happy First Birthday Little One
It’s my Birthday!
Happy Birthday Little One! (with places for Age, height, weight, favourite food, favourite activity)

(New Baby Days, Weeks & Months, 32 total cards on 16 A4 sized documents)
0 Days Old
1 Day Old
1 Week Old through 12 Weeks Old
1 Month Old through 18 Months Old
Over 9 Months

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