No Touching Baby Digital Printout


This handy little printout is a simple solution to keep wandering hands away from your new baby with a little added humour.
Item reads “No Touching Bowing and adoration permitted” or “No Touching, Please Bowing and adoration permitted” in blue and purple colours. Download one or download them all and print as needed!

Download comes with two styles of printed sign on one page, use whichever you prefer or use them both!
One Style PDF (DoorHang) includes both images: The circle is approximately 2/3 of the A4 page and the door hanger about 1/3 of the A4 page if printed full size. Size to page for different sizes.
One Style PDF (Circles) includes two circles half an A4 size each. One upside-down and one right-side up.
Note: We don’t expect strangers or anyone to bow to your child 😉
( watermark is not present on final download)


This item does not need to be posted in the mail. This item does not guarantee wandering hands will keep away, but it may help.

The No touching tags are designed for a regular sized A4/8.5×11 printer sized paper. We recommend printing on a harder cardstock and/or laminating to keep from falling apart. File is in PDF form

Colours may vary based on your printer and appearance may vary according to your computer monitor.

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How to use:
Laminate if desired before cutting.
Cut out signs around the outer edges.
For circular sign, hole punch/es can be used to help keep sign in place on pram.
For Door hanger style sign, cut along the white dotted line to make a space and around the circle inside to leave room to hang sign on door or pram.

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