Mumasil Peri Bottle


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For cleaning sensitive areas after birth, the peri bottle holds 360ml of water for easy rinsing.
-Extendable spout
-Easy to squeeze bottle
-Dust Cap & Travel Bag Included
Follow instructions on peri bottle for best use. Do not use water more than 38 degrees inside bottle.

Disinfect your bottle regularly and replace every 3-6 months
Do not use abrasive cleaners on bottle

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  1. Prior to use, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Ensure that the water temperature does not go beyond 38 degrees Celsius and proceed to fill the container with warm water.
  3. If desired, incorporate peri salts or soaks to enhance soothing relief. Stir well to dissolve them before replacing the cap.
  4. While sitting on the toilet, position the peri bottle in a way that aims the nozzle toward your perineum.
  5. Gently squeeze the bottle, allowing the spray to soothe and cleanse the area.
  6. Afterward, air dry or carefully pat dry.
  7. To promote healing, it is recommended to avoid wiping motions on the perineum.