Mumasil Deluxe Warm/Cool Breast Packs (Leaf Shaped)


The Deluxe Hot/Cold Gel Breast Packs feature a distinctive, large leaf-shaped design that offers complete coverage, extending up to the underside of your armpit, which is a common area for mastitis and clogged ducts in many women. Additionally, the cutout hole is specifically designed to securely accommodate the base of a standard breast pump, allowing both the gel packs and the breast pump to be worn simultaneously.

For aching and sore breasts. Use hot or cold to ease discomfort while breastfeeding.
This product is helpful in soothing clogged ducts and breastfeeding aches and pains.

Includes 2x leaf shaped breast packs with fabric backing

For our flower shaped breast packs, please click here.

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Wash before each use. For external use only.

It is recommended to use only 20 minutes at a time for best use.
To chill the gel packs, place them in the freezer without the fabric cover for a minimum of 2 hours. Once frozen, position the pack in your bra where comfort is required. If desired, you can insert the cold gel pack into the fabric cover to achieve both comfort and the desired temperature.

To heat the pack, put in the microwave for 10-15 seconds using a 700-watt microwave.
(PLEASE NOTE: microwaves vary and less time should be used for more powerful microwaves).
If the desired temperature has not been reached, continue heating in short times of 5 seconds each. Test the temperature before placing the product on the breast to ensure it is comfortable for you.

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