Mini Christmas Baby Hamper- Mini

From $79.90-$193.85

Select just a few things for celebrating baby this Christmas. Choose from a toy or book and clothing options, as well as optional plaque, ornament and accessories.
(Choose from Christmas clothing and accessories or just everyday clothing and accessories)

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Want something different, or more items? Check out the Build Your Own Hamper option here. (Or get in touch and we can organise a custom hamper for you)

Hampers - Magnetic Hamper Box-MINI (white)

In stock

Select Twine or Ribbon for outside of hamper
Include a card with a message?
(Please note, we can include your message on a blank florist-sized one sided card if needed)
Select a Gift for inside
(Please note, limited items will fit in this hamper style)
Would you like this gift wrapped?
(Please note, knit animal security blankets and books are best left unwrapped)
Would you like a ribbon around the gift wrap or present?
Add Plaque?
Add Ornament?
Please select clothing item (Please only select one outfit)
Christmas Clothing-Bodysuits
Christmas Clothing-dresses
Christmas Clothing- Shirts/Romper Shirts
Non-Christmas Clothing- Growsuit
Non Christmas Clothing- Bodysuit
Would you like to add an accessory? (Please select only one accessory)
bowtie (clip-on)
Christmas Shorts & Bloomers
Non-Christmas Pants/Shorts/Bloomers


Mini magnetic hamper with magnetic close, lined with tissue paper and filled with white or brown shredded paper, your chosen items inside.
Items may shift in transit.

A great little “Night Before Christmas” gift or something to give a friend on Christmas.

Include any of the following (please note, you must select at least two items for this gift box and this hamper will not fit many more items if you wish to add more) for your hamper. Should you wish to have more or less, use the Build your own hamper option here. We also offer gift wrapping (or just a ribbon tied over top of your gift).

-Card with your personal message (optional)
-Plaque (optional)
-Ornament (optional)
-Clothing Selection (Choose a Christmas outfit or regular clothing)
-Book or Toy Selection (limited styles of books and toys as this gift hamper will not fit most items)
-Optional accessory

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