Resources for New Mums in Australia

Welcome to motherhood! We are SO excited for you and your new addition!

Being a mum can be challenging at times, so we thought we could compile a list of some great resources for you on your journey, where you can find ideas, advice, support and information in the journey of motherhood. Please note that if you are concerned in ANY way about you or your child, you should consult a health care professional (not just read about it on the internet).
Health Direct (information below) is a great number to call if you have questions or concerns and are unsure whether you need to see a doctor.
Note this is an Australian website, so most of the information will be more helpful for those residing in Australia.

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1800 022 222 : Health Direct – A FREE 24/7 phone line (and website search) to inquire about health issues with a professional and ask for any action that needs to be taken. Website can also be used to find a local health service or check your symptoms.

1800 882 436 : Pregnancy, Birth, and Baby Hotline – A 24/7 phone line to call in and ask questions about pregnancy, birth and baby.

Free Video Call to Pregnancy, Birth and Baby to speak to a maternal child health nurse for personal advice and guidance on pregnancy, birth, baby, parenting or raising a child. 7am-midnight/ 7 days a week.

Check out the local expos and baby shows which are helpful to find a range of products for mums-to-be and their little ones:

Baby Websites with a great amount of information
Pregnancy, Birth and Baby-
The Australian Parenting Website-
Baby Center-
What to Expect-

The Wonder Weeks: App and Book on Baby Development and Milestones

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia PANDA:
1300 726 306 (M-F 9am-7:30pm AEST)

Beyond Blue: Anxiety and Depression Support
1300 22 4636 (24 hours)

Safe Sleeping Resources and Information (Red Nose):

Breastfeeding Help & Information:
The Australian Breastfeeding Association: 1800 686 268

Helpful Information/tips for Breastfeeding
Plugged Ducts and Mastitis information and tips:
Breastmilk storage & handling guides (for term babies):
Breastmilk storage & handling guides (for preemies):
Exclusive Pumping:
Other information and articles on breastfeeding: (pretty much covers a huge range of topics)

Pelvic Floor First: Pelvic Floor Friendly Exercises and Support

More Resources Listed for Pregnancy, Baby and Beyond: Mummy Confessions
Resources for pregnancy, parents and helpful information

Free (and cheap) samples for mum and bub (a big list!)