The Bow Box

From $20.85

Just adore bows and headbands and all things accessory for baby?
Perfect! Choose from the range of Snuggle Hunny Kids options for accessorising and get it all posted to start your collection (or to add more beautiful bows to the mix)!
You must select a minimum of 3 (maximum of 20) for this product pack.
Order 6+ bows/headbands/headbows to receive a discount on pieces 6-20 which is applied before you add to your cart.

Magnetic hamper is optional and will not fit all combinations of 5-10 bows (see below for a guide on how many can fit inside the magnetic hamper.
Please remember never to let baby sleep or travel with headbands and accessories on and they should only be used while supervised.

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Would you like these in a magnetic hamper box?
Please note the combinations below that will fit inside the mini magnetic hamper box before selecting this option.
If you have chosen a magnetic hamper box, please select a colour
Twine, Bow or Ribbon will be on the outside of the hamper
Would you like to add a card with a gift message?
Please select your combination of bows and headbands